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StressedTake a moment and ask yourself "Who is in charge of your life?" As the pace and stress of the modern world continues to speed up and expand, the less it can feel that we are directing the flow of our life. Instead of flowing smoothly with the flow and shifts in our life, it can feel like we are being knocked around and struggling to keep up.

Whatever positive change you are looking to make - at Eastside Hypnotherapy Center you will find experienced assistance to help you succeed.**

The first step to taking back (or discovering for the first time) the power to navigate our life's currents, and creating a life we love to live, is to get clear.

Getting Clear.....

It is in stressful moments that people shift into old automatic reactions. The more we are overwhelmed by life and stress, the less options it seems we have.

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In the stream of life this is where we can feel trapped, out of control, and bouncing off the rocks of life instead of flowing around them. Feeling confused, overwhelmed, depressed, or frustrated, this is when many people fall back into old addictions and habits and ultimately reach out for help.

Getting clear is the beginning of getting unstuck. It starts with taking a deep look at where you are, and how you are honestly experiencing life. Going another layer deeper you will find the stuck places. These the patterns that are keeping you from living the life you want. Uncovering how these patterns have kept us stuck accelerates the process of getting clear.**

Hypnosis, Counseling, and Life Coaching offer effective ways to assist you in getting clear, that are gentle yet powerful, while honoring and supporting your process. As you get clear, you have the clarity to take the next step. It is time to break free from the past patterns and stuck places, and begin growing the life you want to live.**

Breaking Free.....

Without breaking free of old patterns and habits, change can be very difficult. The process becomes one of willpower, do-able but much harder to navigate and succeed.** Sound familiar? Anyone who has tried to lose weight, stop smoking, stop feeling anxious, control their temper, make it thru a divorce, etc. knows the frustration of change by willpower.

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This is where Clinical Hypnotherapy really shines. Hypnosis is very effective in easing the process of breaking free of past patterns and fears, developing new healthier responses to events and situations, and much more.** Counseling and Life coaching are helpful in setting goals and developing action steps. Many people are surprised how magical and easy change can be using hypnosis. Making what seems like small steps and shifts can improve your quality of life dramatically, and amazingly it can be simple to maintain. Happy

With your new skills it is possible to create a relaxed focused state and break free of daily stresses whenever and where-ever you need to. The process of of breaking free and taking new steps is very individual. Working with an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, you are supported on your path, not just put through a cookie press process and given off the shelf recordings to work with. Personalized recordings (for cd or mp3) are created, as needed, to support your process and path. As this individualized process continues greater clarity develops, new habits form, and your life blooms in new ways that you choose.**

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** Everyone is unique in what works for them and how they progress through transitions and healing. Individual results will vary.**

Nancy Allin

Nancy Allin is a certified counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, and birth doula. she has been serving the Seattle area since 1993.

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