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Want to make a change?

Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Counseling Learn more about hypnosis and how it works with counseling and life coaching. These powerful tools work beautifully together to support and promote the changes you'd like to make in your life. With hypnosis, small changes, in shifting your thoughts and reactions can help create big results to shift your life for the better.**

Positive Changes More information here on dealing with many of life's challenges including; transitions, new beginnings, middles and endings, phobias, anxiety, depression, stress management, grief and loss, health challenges, career changes, and more.

Stop Smoking Ready to quit? More information here on breaking the addiction of tobacco. Woman looking up

Lose Weight Learn more about releasing those excess pounds and developing a healthier relationship with your body and food.

Improve Your Game Ready to uplevel your game? Learn how using hypnosis may help to improve your sports performance. What game would you like to improve in?

Pregnancy and Birth Services The precious time of pregnancy and baby logobirth is one of life's most amazing experiences (and challenging for many)! Accessing the power of your mind through hypnosis, you can find a smoother pathway and easier birth experience for you and your baby.** Visit this area for help with; fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and local resources. Birth Doula services are also available.

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Break Free and Thrive!

Thriving means to; flourish, prosper, be successful, grow, or develop vigorously. Do you are places in your life that aren't thriving?

woman dreamingHow about your dreams? Do you have some hidden away waiting to be born?

If your answers to either of these questions are yes - then you may want to learn more.

How Do You Birth a Dream?

We all give birth to dreams - women and men alike. I specialize in helping people to thrive, grow and live their lives more fully. Positive changes created and supported with hypnotherapy, counseling, coaching, and other healing modalities such as tapping, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EMDR (eye movement therapy), and more.

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Whatever you are holding in your heart as a wish, a dream, or a path not taken; they are all dream seeds waiting to be nurtured, and bloomed into your life and the world.

How do you birth a dream? The first step is to get clear about what is holding you back, and what you truly wish to birth into your life. Getting clear is done by listening deeply and choosing what dream(s) you want to grow.

happy womanThe next step is to nurture the dream seeds in your heart. Our dreams are fed by our willingness to act on them, seeking more information and support, and holding the vision of the dream through whatever turns the path make take.

Remember to weed those negative thoughts! For most people there will be weeds of fear, doubts, and often other people telling you it can't be done. Unless these negative thoughts are removed they will choke your dreams and hold you back. Break free and weed often.

Then enjoy the adventure and process of your dream growing and expanding. Celebrate the steps that bring it closer to reality. Be open for angels along the way guiding you and showing you new pathways to reach your goal. Before you know it your dream will blossom and you will be thriving in a life you love!**

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** Everyone is unique in what works for them and how they progress through transitions and healing. Individual results will vary.**

Nancy Allin

Nancy Allin is a certified counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, and birth doula. she has been serving the Seattle area since 1993.

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What are your questions? Most common ones are: Can I be "hypnotized"? Does it work? Is it safe? Visit the FAQ's_page to get more information.

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