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For many people it seems like the pounds just gradually pile on. What was once just 5-10 pounds over where you want to be, balloons into 30, 40, 60, scalesor more pounds! Nationally our country has an obesity epidemic. We are told more and more that too much weight is more than unattractive - it impacts our health and can be deadly.

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The best approach really isn't to want to look like the models (their thinness often isn't healthy either), but rather to eat well, be active, and maintain a healthy weight for you. It is a question of balance. Balancing choices, lifestyle, and managing stress. Most of us know how and what we should be eating, but the hectic pace of life manages to get in our way.

For many people even if they do eat less, the pounds just don't seem to want to go away! Then there is the emotional factor. Oten eating helps people cope with life in some way. Whether it is to relax, have a reason to take a break, swallow down the anger, or escape. This can be very depressing to say the least. Another challenge is not liking or enjoying the healthier foods. Trying to change all of this by an act of will power is usually a major struggle. healthyand is rarely successful in the long run.

So are you ready to make a change? Maybe try a different approach? Nothing will work until you are ready to really shift your life. It can't be because of pressure by spouses, media, or doctors - it is up to you. The good news is hypnosis can really help you to finally succeed!**

For many, In just a few sessions - you can have powerful tools to replace how food has been helping you cope, and be free to use food in a healthy way to fuel and serve your body. Some of the techniques can make certain problem foods unappealing and shift the foods you look for when you are physically hungry.**

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** Everyone is unique in what works for them and how they progress through transitions and healing. Individual results will vary.**

Nancy Allin

Nancy Allin is a certified counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, and birth doula. she has been serving the Seattle area since 1993.

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